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Sur le port de Chine visuel Mako Photographe

On the Port of China

musical tale - 25 min

from 3 years old in family public

from the album La Petite Fille du Port de Chine *


Like her people, a girl in the China Sea undergoes the tyranny of the Dragon-Serpent.

The hard work of the day is followed by the time of dreams and dances: a benevolent night whose treasures can save the worst nightmares!

At night ... fields of possibilities, a fantastic and mysterious dimension, a source of inspiration.

The night is a time of calm, a place of creativity.

A country so far away where you can love, dance and hope ...

Play and dream to face our demons with our own weapons,

were they stardust .

A musical and gestural tale born from the show When Night Comes ...

The story of Agnès Bertron-Martin's album La petite fille du port de Chine made such an impression on us that we wanted to carry her ardor everywhere with purity and simplicity .

Here the word and the gesture take their place thanks to the musical immersion : we sail towards an imaginary made of dance and dreams.

The address to the spectator is direct because in this form we want him to be an accomplice, we welcome him so that he can participate comfortably in the trip.

Time will be set aside for the public to discover the instruments at the end of the story.

Conte Isabeau Legrel / Musique François Daniel
visuel Conte musical Sur Le Port de Chin

since 2019

UFCV Leisure Center - Chanteloup

IME La Chaponnière - Antrain

Ménouvel Media Library - La Bouëxière

La Clairière Media Library - Fougères

Ehpad - Fresne sur Loire

Ehpad - Belligné

Café Utopique - Betton

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