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FRAU BIGOUDEN - Whimsical presenter

Frau Bigouden ©Chloé Hébert_edited.jpg

Breton juggling convention presenter, Frau Bigouden is tailor-made for the 2010 Bigoud 'N Jongle Juggling Convention gala.

Originally from a utopian country, distant Teutonia, the elegant and nonetheless exuberant Frau B. expresses to the community of Breton jugglers, her curiosity and her astonishment at their habits and customs.

All without complex, with a barely legible anti-dry and a pseudo-German accent to cut with a knife.

This announcer of an assertive frankness advocates glamor and embodies it to divert it, by adorning herself with appropriate costumes.


Since 2019, she has been assisted by a discreet assistant, the mysterious Nackte Mann.

Frau Bigouden

Isabeau Legrel - actress

Nackte Mann

Greg Jovis - costume designer and actor

2010 Bigoud N'Jongle Juggling Convention - Vézin Le Coquet

4th National Juggling Convention / Bigoud N'Jongle 2011 - Vézin Le Coquet

7th National Juggling Convention / Bigoud N'Jongle 2015 - Hill

Fashion show of the boutique Jacline 2017 for the Fête de la Paresse - Rennes

11th National Juggling Convention / Bigoud N'Jongle 2019 Vézin Le Coquet

Frau Bigouden
Frau Bigouden 7e convention nationale de

Frau Bigouden sketched by Antonin Le Brun - Gala of the Bigoud'N Jongle 2019 convention

croquis Frau Bigouden par antonin lebrun
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