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Like a multicolored confectionery shop, The Chattering Hands offers you the time to take a break, to become the craftsman of your own puppet : form a duo, take a basket and cooperate !

On the principle of the sheath, you will choose each element of your character from the head to the dress, like so many delicacies to savor, from the smallest child to the largest adult. The icing on the cake, a Tale for Talkers will crown the end of the day!


Our Confident Artisans and their Little Hands welcome you in the street as well as in the dining room with a formula adapted to your spaces, and why not, to your themes?

from the little kid to the big dadet

from 3 years


on a family afternoon, outdoors or indoors

Puppet workshop 3h

in groups of 2 to 3 craftsmen:

average gestation time 45 min


+ Tale 30 mn

up to 90 spectators

Illustration de François Debas pour Les Mains Bavardeuses Cie L'Eau Prit Feu

The Confident Artisans

Welcome Host Isabeau Legrel
Confictionneur Greg Jovis

The Content Assistant Jerome Bondet

Not to mention our Little Hands volunteers of the day!


Follow the Silents and your fantasy will transform into a delicious Chatterbox ...


Make your choice at the store : noggin, pif, pair of peepers, paws, tifs and other rags.

Your basket filled with basic ingredients thanks to the advice of L'Accueilleuse de Bienvenue.

Now go to ...


Sit down to concoct together your puppet using our Recipe and useful utensils, accompanied by the Confictionneur and his precious Little Hands.

Tools reserved for adults are provided for delicate operations.

Find a name and profession based on your work and join the ...


Where you declare your Chatterbox in the Birth Register . Play freely with it and make up stories with your companions.

A small puppet library awaits you there to awaken your pupils of young and old, while waiting for the time of the Tale for Talkers, which the Assisteur-Content will delight you!


Attablez-vous pour concocter ensemble votre marionnettes à l'aide de notre Recette et d'utiles ustensiles, accompagnés du Confictionneur et ses précieuses Petites Mains.

Des outils réservées aux grands dadets sont prévus pour les opérations délicates.

Trouvez un nom et métier au fruit de votre ouvrage et rejoignez le...


Où  vous déclarez votre Bavard au Registre des naissances. Jouez librement avec lui et inventez des histoires avec vos compagnons.

Une petite bibliothèque marionnettique vous y attend pour éveiller vos pupilles, en attendant l'heure du Conte pour Bavards dont vous régalera L'Assisteur-Content!

Visuels Grégoire David / David's Production 2002

Our Talkative Hands have worked to ...

  • Les P'tits Dimanches Bazouges-La-Pérouse,

  • Le Hibou Bleu Restaurant Irodoüer,

  • The Art & Collective Public The Laboratory,

  • Saturday Fancy Servon s / Vilaine,

  • Betton Back to School Party,

  • Entre-là Bourg des Comptes Festival,

  • Feast of Laziness Rennes,

  • Feast of the MJC of Guipry Messac,

  • The P'tit Week-end Bazouges-La-Pérouse ...

  • Festival Du hay aux Brumiers Saint-Pathus (77)

  • Feast of La Paresse Rennes,

  • CMCAS Anjou-Maine l'Huisserie -Laval

  • CMCAS Anjou-Maine MQ Barbara - Le Mans

  • CMCAS Anjou-Maine - Mur-Érigné

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